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An anesthesia injury caused a cute little Yorkie pup blindness and neurological problems. Treated by a veterinarian with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, luckily this little doggy is doing fine now. Read more: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped a Blind Dog See

A student in Ireland credits hyperbaric oxygen therapy for helping him regain his eyesight.  Erik Lokko received HBOT for an inherited, progressively degenerative eye condition.  Erik’s treatment took place over the span of two years resulting in a return of visual acuity which now qualifies him to obtain a driving license.  Before beginning HBOT he […]

After each session in the hyperbaric chamber, my condition improved and I no longer suffer with unmanageable pain. I began sleeping better, as well. Shortly before I started treatment, I had also had a number of sun lesions treated on my hands which caused them to be so red and thin looking. The chamber reduced the redness and made my hands feel and look so much better.

Barbara R.