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Football legend, Joe Namath, is lending his name and personal testimony in hopes of convincing the NFL and others to consider using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for those with chronic and traumatic brain injury.  Namath is athlete/spokesperson for the neurological treatment center that has treated him with HBOT and is lending his name and celebrity to raise […]

A brain injury forum made up of professional athletes from various sports was highlighted by the testimonial of football great, Joe Namath, as he shared of his experience and success of being treated with HBOT.  Namath claims his neurological symptoms, resulting from multiple concussions over the span of his career, have greatly improved since undergoing oxygen therapy. […]

CBS News medical reporter, Dr. Max Gomez, recently featured an interview with Joe Namath, of pro football’s Hall of Fame, in which Namath stated that undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has definitely made a difference in his health and has improved (mild) traumatic brain injury issues stemming from his years of taking hard hits and concussions […]

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NFL Hall of Fame player Harry Carson speaks candidly in an interview with Everyday Health about his personal regimine for managing symptoms of post concussion syndrome, which includes the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. For article, click here: The Giants’ Harry Carson on His Healing Journey from Depression and PCS

“Once viewed with a jaundiced eye, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is apparently here to stay. It’s just one of several recent advancements to sports medicine that have sliced injury rehabilitation times to levels previously thought impossible,” reports the Miami Herald in talking about additional therapies being used by NFL players as one of […]

NHL Colorado Avalanche’s, Joey Hishon, is back in training after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post concussive syndrome. Hishon sustained a head injury and severe concussion when elbowed by another player in 2011’s Memorial Cup. Hishon credits his treatment with HBOT for his recent improvement. To read more:  Joey Hishon back in training

After a serious concussion in 2008, Anquan Boldin of the Baltimore Ravens is seeking treatment for post concussion syndrome. To read more: Ravens’ Anquan Boldin mulls oxygen therapy for head trauma

“I have seen how hyperbaric chambers have been used to repair the brain and I think we can use it to avoid the deaths that we’ve seen of former NFL players,” Boldin told Newsmax Health in a recent interview. Boldin has undergone HBOT himself and is trying to get the word out so that all […]

St. Louis Blues forward Alex Steen, is currently undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment in California for ongoing concussion symptoms from an injury he received in December of 2011. Steen’s teammates, Andy McDonald and Paul Kariya have also received HBOT recently for their post-concussive symptoms. To read more: Alex Steen Will Try Hyperbaric Therapy for Concussion Issues

A Florida teen soccer standout is treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post concussion syndrome. To read entire article, click here.

“The elevated oxygen levels help athletes increase performance and recover more quickly after a workout. In addition, increased oxygen delivery to the brain facilitates brain function and enhances an athlete’s ability to make the split-second decisions that can make a difference in the outcome of the game,”  states news from The Australian.  The elite athletes […]

After each session in the hyperbaric chamber, my condition improved and I no longer suffer with unmanageable pain. I began sleeping better, as well. Shortly before I started treatment, I had also had a number of sun lesions treated on my hands which caused them to be so red and thin looking. The chamber reduced the redness and made my hands feel and look so much better.

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