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Local ABC News affiliate in WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham, NC recently reported on patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the newly opened Fayetteville Hyperbarics clinic. The clinic is located near Fort Bragg and is helping wounded warriors and civilian patients as well. To see video: Fayetteville facility helps military families

News report from Ireland describes the story of a multiple sclerosis patient who has been successfully and consistently using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to control the symptoms of her disease. To read more: Multiple sclerosis sufferer tells how oxygen therapy has given her a new lease of life

While lifting weights at a local gym, I suffered an injury to the discs in my back. My pain worsened and I sought treatment from my orthopedist who recommended surgical repair. After surgery, I began HBOT treatments immediately post operatively. My surgeon and his staff were extremely pleased and impressed with my accelerated healing and the positive impact HBOT made on my post surgical recovery.

Andrew C.