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Plastic surgeons are prescribing hyperbaric oxygen treatments to aid women undergoing total mastectomies in order to facilitate healing and outcome from reconstructive surgery. Read more: “Plastic Surgeons Play Key Role in Cancer Recovery.”

Sixteen months into her young life, Emily was failing to thrive and was diagnosed with Autism. Under the care of nationally recognized D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now) physician, Dr. Dan Rossignol, it was recommended that Emily immediately start a multi-pronged biomedical treatment plan to combat the condition. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was part of the plan and at 17 months of age she began her treatments. Emily’s family was committed to her therapies. The progress that Emily has made over the past year overcoming the many symptoms that accompany Autism and her return to normal developmental levels has delighted her family and has been an amazing story to see.

Eileen (Emily's mom)