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Football legend, Joe Namath, is the first patient to complete a clinical trial using, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injury, currently in progress at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida.  Namath underwent 7 months of HBOT, 5 days a week, and repeat brain scans showed definitive improvement following his course of therapy.  According to Namath, […]

CBS News medical reporter, Dr. Max Gomez, recently featured an interview with Joe Namath, of pro football’s Hall of Fame, in which Namath stated that undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has definitely made a difference in his health and has improved (mild) traumatic brain injury issues stemming from his years of taking hard hits and concussions […]

LSU’s, Les Miles, has seen his share of concussed players and knows the lasting brain damage that can occur. Miles also knows that no medical treatment is currently available to treat post concussion syndrome and has recently been learning more about the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its benefits from HBOT experts, Dr. Paul […]

The Denver Post recently published great news about HBOT’s success in treating veterans with traumatic brain injury: Read: Injured veterans, others say oxygen treatments restorative

Twenty two year old IED injured military vet finds healing with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Watch video: Concussion Oxygen Treatment

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A young woman from Delaware recently developed an emergency eye condition, retinal artery occlusion (typically known as a stroke that is specific to the eye) and was spared the devastating outcome of blindness because of rapid intervention with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read the full story: Fast intervention with hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps student to […]

Soldiers who have suffered mild traumatic brain injury will take part in a study designed by the military at Camp Pendleton to document the effect of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy as treatment for their injuries. “There are a lot of unknowns about traumatic brain injury, which has emerged as the ‘signature injury’ of the wars […]

The news was bad. My orthopedist reported the ankle sprain that I suffered during my school basketball game was the most serious of its kind – a Grade III, requiring immobilization in a hard cast and possibly months to heal before returning to sports. Understanding the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and knowing that high profile, professional athletes have used it to accelerate recovery, my dad, immediately contacted Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry and within 24 hours of my injury, I started HBOT....

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