A case study published in Medical Gas Research by researchers at LSU Health School of Medicine described the positive effects on service personnel treated with hyperbaric oxygen for symptoms resulting from post concussion syndrome.  To read more:  Veterans Study Reports Reduction in Suicide Ideation

Eden Carlson, the young near-drowning toddler, whose brain injury was successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy by Dr. Paul Harch and staff, was recently a guest on the TODAY show.  Eden’s mother told Megyn Kelly of the miraculous recovery experienced by Eden in the face of dire medical predictions prior to her treatment with HBOT.  […]

Football legend, Joe Namath, is the first patient to complete a clinical trial using, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injury, currently in progress at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida.  Namath underwent 7 months of HBOT, 5 days a week, and repeat brain scans showed definitive improvement following his course of therapy.  According to Namath, […]

Doctors and researchers from Louisiana State University successfully treated a 2 year old child with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and normobaric O2 after she suffered brain injury in a near-drowning accident, reversing deficits and restoring normal function. Read more as reported in USA Today:  Toddler’s brain damage reversed by treatment after near drowning

A Chicago area physician recently summarized the positive results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as early intervention for patients who have suffered mild TBI/concussion.  General surgeon,  Dr. Daphne Denham, has treated patients as well as her own family members with HBOT and hopes that it will soon become a standard of care for all who have […]

Football legend, Joe Namath, is lending his name and personal testimony in hopes of convincing the NFL and others to consider using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for those with chronic and traumatic brain injury.  Namath is athlete/spokesperson for the neurological treatment center that has treated him with HBOT and is lending his name and celebrity to raise […]

A brain injury forum made up of professional athletes from various sports was highlighted by the testimonial of football great, Joe Namath, as he shared of his experience and success of being treated with HBOT.  Namath claims his neurological symptoms, resulting from multiple concussions over the span of his career, have greatly improved since undergoing oxygen therapy. […]

Published results from a small scale, research study involving hospitalized patients suffering with ulcerative colitis (UC) recently revealed those who were exposed to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in conjunction with traditional steroid treatment, recovered from the flare, while those patients not receiving concomitant HBOT did not recover.  To read more, go to:  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits hospitalized UC […]

CBS News medical reporter, Dr. Max Gomez, recently featured an interview with Joe Namath, of pro football’s Hall of Fame, in which Namath stated that undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has definitely made a difference in his health and has improved (mild) traumatic brain injury issues stemming from his years of taking hard hits and concussions […]

Post concussion syndrome, PTSD and the burgeoning need and quest to incorporate hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a standard of care treatment modality. Read more: Increased awareness about concussions amplifies the search for solutions

Plastic surgeons are prescribing hyperbaric oxygen treatments to aid women undergoing total mastectomies in order to facilitate healing and outcome from reconstructive surgery. Read more: “Plastic Surgeons Play Key Role in Cancer Recovery.”

Researchers at Washington State University recently published results of research that concluded hyperbaric oxygen therapy successfully alleviated symptoms associated with withdrawal from opioid addiction. Although, the study was conducted on animal models, the research is encouraging and holds promise for the treatment in human heroin addiction cases. To read more: WSU researchers see hyperbaric chamber […]

A recently published study, “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Diminish Fibromyalgia Syndrome – Prospective Clinical Trial,” conducted  by doctors in Tel-Aviv, Israel produced confirmation to many U.S. doctors’ observations that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia.  Patients were randomly assigned to treated and crossover groups: The treated group patients were evaluated at […]

More reporting on football legend Joe Namath and his success with HBOT. Click here: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/joe-namath-gets-results-from-hyperbaric-chamber-treatments-for-concussions-164511928.html

Joe Namath, legendary quarterback, has been treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for early cognitive symptoms related to past concussive episodes he experienced while playing professional football. Namath is a firm believer and supporter in the benefits of HBOT for brain injury. His support is so dedicated, Namath not only helped raise $10 million to fund […]

U.S. Army veteran recounts how treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy changed her life and alleviated symptoms associated with head injury from blast incidents. Go to: Veteran Says Experimental PTSD Therapy Changed Her Life

Soldiers in New York state have positive results following treatment with HBOT. Read further: “New PTSD treamtent explored for veterans“

There is a movement under way to treat returning military veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) instead of drugs. ‘We’re losing a soldier an hour to suicide,’ said Janet Franco, who hosts a Las Vegas-based radio program dedicated to helping veterans with those afflictions. ‘What’s […]

Dr. Paul Harch has received congressional appropriation funds to conduct a study for the treatment of TBI/PTSD symptoms in veterans injured in the line of duty and will accept 50 qualifying patients for free HBOT treatment in Louisiana treatment facility. To learn more, visit the following sites: http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20140613/MULTIMEDIA/140619749/-1/sports?Title=Free-treatment-offered-for-vets-with-brain-injuries- http://www.wwltv.com/news/Free-treatment-offered-for-vets-with-brain-injuries-262975031.html www.hbottbistudy.org

The New Frontier of PTSD Treatments: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Doctors have tried therapy, pot, ecstasy and even virtual reality to treat veterans suffering from PTSD. Now some researchers are testing out innovative oxygen therapies. Read more: https://www.vocativ.com/culture/science/new-frontier-ptsd-treatments-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/

Dr. Bill Duncan, who serves as vice president of development the Virginia-based International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation, recently lectured at East Central University on the benefits of oxygen therapy for people with traumatic brain injuries and share the story of his own son’s recovery using HBOT. Duncan’s son suffered debilitating, recurrant symptoms that nearly drove him […]

“Ride to Recovery: Why Brett Banasiewicz’s parents fought doctors” – View CBS news affiliate’s WSBT (South Bend, Indiana) TV’s news story by clicking link below. Brett Banasiewicz uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

News coverage from northeast Texas, outside of Dallas, about high school football players using HBOT to combat post concussion syndrome and heal the brain following concussive incidents. With more medical understanding of the long term ill effects of concussion in sports, many parents aren’t taking any chances with their young sons and seeking treatment with […]

News video of HBOT for veterans suffering with PTSD from Virginia Beach, VA. Go to: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may relieve PTSD and TBI symptoms

LSU’s, Les Miles, has seen his share of concussed players and knows the lasting brain damage that can occur. Miles also knows that no medical treatment is currently available to treat post concussion syndrome and has recently been learning more about the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its benefits from HBOT experts, Dr. Paul […]

U.S. soldier, purple heart recipient and Iraq war veteran credits his improvement in post concussion symptoms to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Lt. Matt Smotherton was part of a platoon responsible for clearing IEDs and was unfortunately injured in three separate blasts.  He suffered lasting mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) symptoms as a result of concussions sustained […]

New York City ABC news affiliate (WABC-TV) recently aired a news report with medical correspondent, Dr. Sapna Parikh, about the success of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To read more and watch video:  Hyperbaric Oxgyen Therapy to Treat PTSD

Scientific American online recently posted a well written article about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its emergence in treating varied and new conditions.  Conditions, also know as “off-label” or “research conditions” were listed as having positive benefit from treatment with HBOT as a primary or adjuvant therapy.  The list included breast and prostate cancers, neurological diseases, […]

This article recently appeared on the the website, MomsTeam.com, a comprehensive website dedicated to providing information for parents whose children participate in organized sports. Read more: Treating concussions with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Researchers from the University of South Florida recently published results from a study that documented a 78% survival rate for mice with metastatic cancer that were treated with a combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and a ketogenic diet. The news is extremely promising for humans suffering with cancer and the negative effects of many chemotherapeutic […]

International medical researchers from Turkey recently published the results of a study documenting the positive outcome for patients who were suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and were successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more: The efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome

Local ABC News affiliate in WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham, NC recently reported on patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the newly opened Fayetteville Hyperbarics clinic. The clinic is located near Fort Bragg and is helping wounded warriors and civilian patients as well. To see video: Fayetteville facility helps military families

News report from Ireland describes the story of a multiple sclerosis patient who has been successfully and consistently using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to control the symptoms of her disease. To read more: Multiple sclerosis sufferer tells how oxygen therapy has given her a new lease of life

NFL Hall of Fame player Harry Carson speaks candidly in an interview with Everyday Health about his personal regimine for managing symptoms of post concussion syndrome, which includes the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. For article, click here: The Giants’ Harry Carson on His Healing Journey from Depression and PCS

From Israel – patients and doctors are reporting positive results by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat brain injury caused by stroke, in some cases, decades later. To watch news video: Reuters TV: Decades-old stroke damage reversible with oxygen therapy, say researchers

News coverage (News48 from Madison, Alabama) about the successful use of HBOT in treatment of fibromyalgia. To read more and watch video: Hyperbaric chamber used for more than ‘the bends’

The Department of Defense is currently running multiple studies on Hbot. The U. S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity is leading an effort to determine if hyperbaric oxygen is of benefit in the treatment of chronic symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Results should be available this year. Read more: […]

A Louisiana man passed out after choking on food and fell striking his head causing him to suffer a concussion. Post concussion symptoms including headaches, clouded thinking and lack of sleep persisted and did not improve until he underwent a series of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. To watch KATC3 news coverage video and read more go […]

A Florida veterinarian, familiar with HBOT from her own animal medical practice, sought out treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy after she herself suffered a stroke. To read more and watch news video: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Jupiter Medical Center helps stroke victim recover

A recently published study from Israel verifies the benefit of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat patients who have brain injury as a result of stroke. Patients in the study were selected on the basis of having reached a plateau in recovery using traditional rehabilitative therapies. Read more: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Repair Brain Damage […]

ABC news affiliate KVUE out of Tacoma, WA recently reported on the remarkable results of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for U.S. war veteran, Jeff Brennan, battling TBI and other problems from injuries and exposures he sustained while on active duty in the Gulf War. “We were taking pills called nerve agent pretreatment pills and that really […]

A teenage athlete who suffered a concussion during high school sport last spring has seen great improvement in post concussion symptoms with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and watch video: Teen Suffering from Concussion Sees Improvement with Hyperbaric Treatment

A woman in Dallas, Texas was recently interviewed by local Dallas NBC affiliate about her HBOT treatment for West Nile virus. To read more and see video: WNV Survivor Uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A recent article published in the United Kingdom well describes the various problematic medical issues that are being successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more: The diving tank that can heal leg ulcers… and it may help with migraines, too

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, announced plans to travel to Cuba as early as Tuesday for more medical treatment after spending much of the past 18 months fighting cancer. In a written request to the legislature, Chavez said doctors have recommended he “begin special treatment consisting of various sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation” and physical therapy to […]

US Army veteran, Major Ben Richards, finds success with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment of traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder. Read more and watch news video: Army major seeing success with LSU hyperbaric treatment

WFAA – ABC/Dallas news journalist, Ron Corning, recently experienced a dive in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. In his video newscast, Corning reports on some Dallas residents who regularly undergo HBOT treatments in order to battle fatigue and tout the rejuvenating effects of receiving oxygen under pressure. Go to: Corning takes a ‘dive,’ examines hyperbaric oxygen […]

The Denver Post recently published great news about HBOT’s success in treating veterans with traumatic brain injury: Read: Injured veterans, others say oxygen treatments restorative

As we have posted before, hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t just for humans! Read below the story of a heroic black lab who intervened between his human and a poisonous water moccasin snake in Kissimmee, Florida and is currently receiving treatment with hyperbaric oxgyen therapy to help his recovery. Read more here: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Speeds […]

“Once viewed with a jaundiced eye, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is apparently here to stay. It’s just one of several recent advancements to sports medicine that have sliced injury rehabilitation times to levels previously thought impossible,” reports the Miami Herald in talking about additional therapies being used by NFL players as one of […]

A recent news story from Toronto, Canada chronicled the positive advances that a 14 month old toddler has experienced over the past several weeks since beginning treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and see video: Baby Jesse helped on road to recovery by hyperbarics, family says

KDAF-TV from Dallas/Fort Worth reports on former NFL player and autistic son who are currently receiving HBOT in hopes of aiding their individual problems. “Ryan and Will Neufeld have something in common–besides being father and son. Both are looking for help. Will is autistic and Ryan suffers from post-concussion syndrome. He played in the National […]

A two year old boy from Georgia, born with a serious brain condition (periventricular leukomalacia – the presence of only one third of his brain’s white matter), is receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy thanks to the generosity of US military soldiers and local donators who pooled funds together to pay for treatment that insurance does not […]

A young Florida girl was mauled by a friend’s dog during a sleepover resulting in the loss of her lips and part of her nose. Her doctors are using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in her recovery. Read more and watch news video: <a href=”http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_958.shtml”>West Palm girl bit by dog recovering in hyperbaric chamber

An anesthesia injury caused a cute little Yorkie pup blindness and neurological problems. Treated by a veterinarian with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, luckily this little doggy is doing fine now. Read more: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped a Blind Dog See

Twenty two year old IED injured military vet finds healing with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Watch video: Concussion Oxygen Treatment

A University of South Florida research team is currently using animal models in order to expedite findings on hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s use in treating brain injury. Animal studies have been conducted internationally for the past several decades and have resulted in positive findings, according to reports from the international research community. Only recently has the […]

A student in Ireland credits hyperbaric oxygen therapy for helping him regain his eyesight.  Erik Lokko received HBOT for an inherited, progressively degenerative eye condition.  Erik’s treatment took place over the span of two years resulting in a return of visual acuity which now qualifies him to obtain a driving license.  Before beginning HBOT he […]

CBS News affiliate from Reston, Virginia chronicles a young woman’s battle against Lyme Disease with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To view video and read more:  <a href=”http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/207065/28/A-New-Weapon-Against-Lyme-Disease”><strong>A New Weapon Against Lyme Disease</strong></a>

Successful coverage has been obtained for HBOT under the The Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program which is the child health component of Medicaid for special needs children of low income. Below is a link to an informational website moderated by a dedicated parent, David Freels, who was instrumental in campaigning and obtaining […]

Seattle FOX news story about Gulf War veteran who has experienced great improvements for his PTSD and TBI symptoms after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and watch news video: Research institute hopes to offer hyperbaric oxygen treatment for vets with PTSD

NHL Colorado Avalanche’s, Joey Hishon, is back in training after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post concussive syndrome. Hishon sustained a head injury and severe concussion when elbowed by another player in 2011’s Memorial Cup. Hishon credits his treatment with HBOT for his recent improvement. To read more:  Joey Hishon back in training

After a serious concussion in 2008, Anquan Boldin of the Baltimore Ravens is seeking treatment for post concussion syndrome. To read more: Ravens’ Anquan Boldin mulls oxygen therapy for head trauma

“I have seen how hyperbaric chambers have been used to repair the brain and I think we can use it to avoid the deaths that we’ve seen of former NFL players,” Boldin told Newsmax Health in a recent interview. Boldin has undergone HBOT himself and is trying to get the word out so that all […]

The young Georgia woman, Aimee Copeland, who has captured the interest of national news media with her courageous battle for life against necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating bacteria, has begun hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Doctors believe Copeland contracted the heinous bacterium when she fell from a zipline, lacerating her leg, into a local, fresh-water creek. To […]

A Florida veterinary hospital is among the first of nationwide centers incorporating the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy using specialized chambers geared for treating domestic pets. To read more: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: It’s For Dogs, Too

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has recently been shown to prevent and slow the progression of disease related to Type 1 diabetes. To read more: Oxygen Therapy Slows Type 1 Diabetes in Mice, Study Says

Local CBS news affiliate in New Orleans chronicles the improvements that singer Charmaine Neville is experiencing with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and see video: Trouble remembering songs leads Charmaine Neville to discover serious brain condition

New research finds correlations in concussion related early dementia. To read more: Does Brain Injury Link NFL Players, Wounded Warriors?

An Iraq war veteran who survived 46 IED blasts has found relief from his symptoms by undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and watch video: Houston soldier says hyperbaric chamber helped lessen PTSD

Two Oklahoma state House of Representative lawmakers are endorsing research that is aimed at making hyperbaric oxygen therapy a “standard of care” for brain injuries. To read more: Lawmakers Study Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Former San Francisco 49er’s pro football player, George Visger, interviews with local CBS affiliate and hopes that the recent tragedy of Junior Seau will serve as a tipping point for concussion awareness and treatment. Video and article: Oxygen Therapy Helping Former NFL Lineman’s Brain Damage

Former Miami Dolphins, Marv Fleming, credits his hyperbaric oxygen therapy as producing positive changes in his MRI scan, that before his treatment showed signs of “footballer’s dementia”. To read more: Seau’s death intensifies calls for more to be done about concussion-related health issues facing NFL

“In today’s modern medicine, there is a therapy that is proven to offer anti-aging benefits through healing or regrowth of damaged cells: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT),” states Mark Aronauer in his article: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Can It Turn Back the Clock?

CBS news affiliate from Miami, Florida reports on army war vets (involved in IED blasts while serving in Afghanistan) whose symptoms of post traumatic stress and post concussion improved following hyperbaric oxygen treatments. To read more and watch video: The Invisible Wounds of War

A young lacrosse player is finding improvement of post concussion symptoms with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and watch news videoclip: Concussion From Contact Sport has Young Boy Suffering 18 Months Later

St. Louis Blues player, Alex Steen, was able to return to play after receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatments as part of a medical treatment plan to help him overcome post concussive syndrome.  Steen missed 39 games because of a concussion he received in December of 2011. To read more: Steen competes well in his return to […]

St. Louis Blues forward Alex Steen, is currently undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment in California for ongoing concussion symptoms from an injury he received in December of 2011. Steen’s teammates, Andy McDonald and Paul Kariya have also received HBOT recently for their post-concussive symptoms. To read more: Alex Steen Will Try Hyperbaric Therapy for Concussion Issues

A Florida teen soccer standout is treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post concussion syndrome. To read entire article, click here.

Fred McNeill, the 59 year old former NFL player with the Minnesota Vikings, is suffering cognitive decline and is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To watch CBS news video and read more:  Former Viking Fred McNeill Battling Dementia After Football 

An Iraq war veteran who suffered head injury during his service has finally received recognition from the military for his battle injury.  Suffering post concussive symptoms, Rusty Ouart, was told by military health officials that “debilitating headaches, vertigo, short-term memory loss and constant fatigue were all just in his head.”  Ouart sought independent treatment with […]

First lady, Michele Obama, publicly announced a new program to help the troops coming home from the wars in the Middle East.  Speaking at Virginia Commonwealth University,  military members and veterans were told that more medical schools are teaming up to boost training and research on brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Dr. Paul Harch, […]

A severely injured Marine’s undying spirit, devoted family members, intensive rehabilitation and additional treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, made available through Healing Heroes Network, have helped Sgt. Joshua Cooley achieve great strides in recovery exceeding his doctors’ expectations.  “Improvement was happening before, but at a slower pace,” Christine Cooley said. “When we went to oxygen […]

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“The major breakthrough in my recovery happened when I learned about hyperbaric therapy,” stated stroke patient Phillip Bell who attributes his ability to walk, talk and live – to a combination of physical, occupational and hyperbaric therapies.  To view this news story, go to:  Rejuvenating oxygen:  Patient says hyperbaric therapy helped him recover after stroke

Board certified neurosurgeon specialist in surgical brain tumor management, Dr. Christopher Duma, who practices at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California, answers questions regarding his successful use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of an aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma.  To read more:  Oxygen chamber joins fight vs. cancer

Former pro football’s San Francisco 49er, George Visger, talks about his current treatment with hyperbaric oxgyen therapy, the head injury he received during his playing career and the impact it has had on his life.  To read more, go to:  Battle Scars    

A growing body of evidence indicates that hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps patients with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Preliminary reports from treated soldiers are positive without side effects.  On the topic of treating head injured military service personnel with HBOT, frustration over the slow pace of data release is apparent.  “We’ve got an […]

After appearing on the Dr. Phil show to promote his book, former Cleveland Browns, Scott Bolzan was referred by the show’s host for treatment to Dr. Frank Lawlis in Dallas, TX.  Bolzan, who suffered with amnesia following concussion, has stated in an interview that he believes HBOT, recommended by Dr. Lawlis, has created a “breakthrough” […]

Linda Cope is well known to those in Bay County for her work as founder and president of the Warrior Beach Retreat Inc.  She also has been stumping for new treatments to aid wounded warriors in their recovery. Cope testified last week before Congress in support of a proposal to allow the military to pay […]

“This study strongly suggests that both post traumatic stress disorder and the post concussion syndrome of mild traumatic brain injury are treatable nearly three years after injury,” concludes Dr. Paul Harch, who is also Medical Director of the LSU Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care Department. “The magnitude of the improvements in memory, executive function, functional […]

Parents report improvement in autistic behaviors following treatment with HBOT.  In the article, Dr. Atul M. Gupta, director of East Tennessee Hyperbarics states, “The science has been around for decades. We’re just now learning about so many more applications that it has. Whereas before we thought it would only help with divers.” “Then we learned […]

“The elevated oxygen levels help athletes increase performance and recover more quickly after a workout. In addition, increased oxygen delivery to the brain facilitates brain function and enhances an athlete’s ability to make the split-second decisions that can make a difference in the outcome of the game,”  states news from The Australian.  The elite athletes […]

Warnings about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning have begun to spread in the news media as the mercury drops and the snow flies in the West, the Midwest, and the Northeast. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers have featured prominently this week and last.  The Nebraska City News Press recently featured this article about the dangers […]

A young woman from Delaware recently developed an emergency eye condition, retinal artery occlusion (typically known as a stroke that is specific to the eye) and was spared the devastating outcome of blindness because of rapid intervention with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read the full story: Fast intervention with hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps student to […]

Soldiers who have suffered mild traumatic brain injury will take part in a study designed by the military at Camp Pendleton to document the effect of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy as treatment for their injuries. “There are a lot of unknowns about traumatic brain injury, which has emerged as the ‘signature injury’ of the wars […]

Former NFL player for the 1982 Super Bowl championship San Francisco 49′ers, George Visger, has been undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of his protocol for treatment of frontal lobe dementia.  Visger sustained a career ending concussion that led to brain surgeries and neurologic disability.  To read more, click:  NFL players speak up against brain […]

A clinical trial utilizing hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy to increase the speed of radiation treatments for patients coping with malignant aggressive brain tumors is underway. “This is a postoperative study that focuses on using HBO as a radiation sensitizer,” says J. Paul Duic, M.D., neuro-oncologist at The Long Island Brain Tumor Center. “Once the tumor […]

The whole concept made sense to me. Scientifically trained, with a 30+ year career in research and development, I was aware of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I had also followed the success stories of professional athletes being treated for injuries with HBOT. After undergoing extensive open back surgery that involved five vertebral discs, my recovery was unremarkable but still entailed a great deal of post-op pain and stiffness. I began twice daily HBOT treatments 18 days after surgery. The benefits that I experienced were extremely fast healing of my large surgical incision and the ability to significantly decrease the heavy doses of medication needed to control pain. Each succeeding day of treatment brought added relief from pain and stiffness. After a total of 8 days in treatment, my improvement was so substantial that I was functionally a different person. I would recommend anyone recovering from surgery should strongly consider HBOT as a route to accelerating recovery and the healing process.

Phil W.