Testimonials from our Research Cases

I was losing my balance, “shuffling” my feet and developed severe back pain for which I consulted a neurologist. After undergoing extensive testing over several months without definitive conclusions or abnormalities, my doctor finally labeled me as having “Peripheral Neuropathy.” At 73 years old and still enjoying an extremely active lifestyle, I was becoming devastated by my own diagnosis.

Living in New Jersey, I traveled to the clinic and prepared to stay and undergo a series of hyperbaric treatments in hope that HBOT would make a difference for me. I responded with positive results in less time than my projected treatment plan. My back pain was gone, I was able to balance on one foot and I no longer shuffled my feet during a routine gait. I am so happy that staff at Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry were available, competent and helped me to revive my previous lifestyle! Thanks to a great healing tool and a wonderful staff!*

Frank P.

Cherry Hill, N.J.

At first I noticed the stiffness in my fingers and feet. The swelling and pain increased to include my wrists and elbows. Driving became impossible and walking was becoming increasingly more difficult.

Blood tests helped my doctor confirm that I had rheumatoid arthritis. I was given oral medication and told it would take 3 to 6 months for the medicine to reach its full effect. I could then expect to begin feeling relief from my symptoms. As a respiratory therapist being familiar with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, my sister suggested that I try HBOT. It was truly like a miracle. The swelling and pain subsided. I could drive again and walk normally. Down to only one old pair of stretched out shoes, I could again wear all of my other shoes. I am completely convinced that HBOT helped alleviate my symptoms as my therapy took place only three weeks into the start of my oral medication.*

Sheila H.

Chicago, IL

I first read about HBOT in a book called Children With Starving Brains by Jacquelyn McCandliss. This book is about bio medical intervention for children with autism. It is very supportive of HBOT and lists detailed benefits that help almost all children on the spectrum. Alex, my four year old son, was completely non-verbal before he started HBOT. He has gained a total of 37 words after completing 40 dives of HBOT over the course of eight weeks.

Alex never used to look at me or anyone else in the eyes for any reason. Now, when he hears my voice especially, he looks up at me and makes our eyes meet. It has proven to me that he is beginning to become aware of his surroundings and is in tune with what is going on around him. It is as if he is “waking up.”
A wonderful effect of HBOT has been Alex’s receptive language. He is gaining the ability to understand what I am saying to him. Before HBOT started, my commands to him made no sense and he never responded to anything I said. Now he seems to listen and truly understand what I am saying. For example, if I say, “let’s put your shoes on…” Alex will sit down and put his feet out.

When I first brought Alex in to be treated with HBOT, his feet were cracked open and bleeding from severe eczema. He was on Diflucan anti fungal medication, but it was not working. Photos were taken at the clinic that show how severe his feet were. After 30 dives, Alex’s feet were healed and smooth. There was slight redness but only due to mildly dry skin. The healing of the eczema made Alex a much happier little boy because he was getting better sleep at night and not waking up to scratch as he was before. This change was an amazing and undeniable added benefit, documented by photographs.
Alex’s life has changed dramatically with just 40 dives of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. He is happier and healthier. Words are too pale to express the gratitude I have for the staff providing treatment to Alex. I would never have been able to have explored this therapy, which Alex has responded so beautifully to, without your kindness, patience, and understanding. We are forever indebted to you, as you have started us on our path to healing and recovery. God Bless.*

Jennifer M. (Alex’s mom)

Charlotte, NC

After a normal pregnancy, Carson was born by C‐section without complications. For the first six weeks of his life, he was a well baby. At six weeks of age, Carson became extremely ill, having contracted pertussis. Hospitalized and placed on a ventilator, his condition worsened and he suffered cardio‐pulmonary arrest. Although hospital staff performed CPR and were able to resuscitate him, he sustained anoxia to the brain. After a complicated and extended hospital stay, Carson was finally discharged. His doctors cautioned my husband and me, that although it was too early to know the extent of damage for sure, they suspected brain injury from lack of oxygen during his cardiac arrest. They warned that his injury could prevent him from ever being able to walk or talk.
During the next year, it became evident that Carson was going to have severe delays and was diagnosed with moderate spastic quadriparesis with encephalopathy. He received services for physical, occupational and speech therapy.
After researching the Internet about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and cerebral palsy for over a year, we found information that a monochamber that could achieve 1.5 ATA was the best for children with neurologic problems. Although we did not receive support from his neurologist in our decision, we decided to make the 2 ½ hour trip from home and take Carson for 40 HBOT treatments in Hilton Head, SC.
At age 2 years and 2 months, Carson underwent his first set of 40 HBOT treatments. At the time, Carson could not sit up without assistance, feed himself, hold a sippy cup, had poor oral muscle control (could not chew food), lots of drooling, and he cried a lot. We noticed his pale, non‐descript, eye color and his inability to really focus on anything. He could not bear weight to stand and his only mobility was labored creeping by dragging himself around on his left elbow. His right hand was twisted and tightly fisted shut.
After three HBOT treatments, the clinic staff and I witnessed him cup his hands around a non‐handled sippy cup and drink his own juice. With each HBOT treatment thereafter, it became very evident that his muscles were getting looser and by the twentieth treatment, he was sitting up, unassisted, and starting to play while in the hyperbaric chamber. After 40 treatments we returned home.
We had read studies that claimed continued improvement and progress showed up the most in the months following HBOT. We found this to be true for Carson. Over the next three months his muscles continued to become looser and his body was no longer as “twisted”. He began crawling on all fours, sitting without assistance and started to pull himself up to standing while holding onto furniture. Carson’s pediatrician, neurologist and therapist all noted and documented his remarkable improvement. Classified as having “moderate” spasticity, he was now downgraded by his therapist to “minimal to none”. His previously scheduled appointment to receive baclofen/botox injection (to treat his muscle contracture) was deemed unnecessary by the orthopedic doctor after his examination. Carson’s doctor was so impressed, he urged us to share the news of our son’s improvement after HBOT with other parents of cerebral palsy children, with hope of bringing encouragement to others.
Carson received the next series of 40 HBOT treatments after a ten month oxygen break. After this second set of treatments we saw the greatest improvement in his speech as he began to mimic words and use multiple word sounds in sentence form. He became socially interactive and playful, loving to tease his older brother, Dillon. We noticed his eyes had more depth and he was so much more alert to his surroundings. His balance and weight bearing continued to improve and he began walking with a medical walker. He continues to love his new found mobility.
Currently, Carson is in the process of completing his third set of 40 HBOT treatments since he started hyperbaric therapy in the fall of 2007. To us, the concept of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is so simple to understand – getting the dormant cells in Carson’s injured brain filled with oxygen and functional so that he can experience the best quality of life that we can give to him.
We are so proud of his progress. We thank the Lord and the natural healing power of 100% pure oxygen.*

Tana S. (Carson's mom)

Orangeburg, SC

Diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease at age 3, S.R. was non-verbal, unable to feed herself, not potty trained, and hypotonic from the waist down at age four. From 2004 to 2009, she received 177 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. She began talking after fifteen treatments continuing to show improvements in all areas and no longer had hypertonia. From 2011 to 2012, she received 52 more treatments. Her fine motor skills continue to show great improvement. She is now able to write, read, swim with floats, is learning to button and her eyes are able to track. Her behavior and emotional outbursts have also improved.
SR cognitive improvements following HBOT*

S.R’s mom

Forsyth, GA

The whole concept made sense to me. Scientifically trained, with a 30+ year career in research and development, I was aware of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I had also followed the success stories of professional athletes being treated for injuries with HBOT. After undergoing extensive open back surgery that involved five vertebral discs, my recovery was unremarkable but still entailed a great deal of post-op pain and stiffness. I began twice daily HBOT treatments 18 days after surgery. The benefits that I experienced were extremely fast healing of my large surgical incision and the ability to significantly decrease the heavy doses of medication needed to control pain. Each succeeding day of treatment brought added relief from pain and stiffness. After a total of 8 days in treatment, my improvement was so substantial that I was functionally a different person. I would recommend anyone recovering from surgery should strongly consider HBOT as a route to accelerating recovery and the healing process.*

Phil W.

Emerald Isle, NC

I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for over 20 years. I was experiencing another bout of chronic, debilitating inflammation when I decided to try hyperbaric oxygen. My response was dramatic. The fingers in my left hand straightened out completely. The joints of my right hand which had become quite deformed began to regain their normal shape and function. The swelling in my feet was reduced so significantly that I had to buy shoes a half size smaller. Other beneficial changes I’ve noticed included a reduction in chronic muscle tension, improved sleep, and skin changes. For example, the chronic skin problems on my feet completely cleared up and my overall skin tone has improved. The increase in energy, clarity in thinking, and sense of well-being that I feel with the hyperbaric oxygen is wonderful! The chronic joint pain is gone. And unlike RA medications I’ve tried, I don’t have to worry about side effects.*

Susan A.

Raleigh, NC

I have to start by saying that I am not a medical person; however, becoming the parent of a special needs child (cerebral palsy) feels like you’ve been thrown into the deep end of the medical, advocacy, and research pool. My hope is to give you enough information to do your own research and ask your own questions when speaking with medical professionals regarding hyperbaric oxygen treatments and, ultimately, advocate for the coverage of HBOT for your child. To read more about Ryan's HBOT journey and read the blog, click here.*

Anita H (Ryan's mom)

Myrtle Beach, SC

I sustained a deep puncture would in my lower leg when I accidentally backed into a sharp metal object. By the next day, the puncture was severely infected. I sought the help of my family doctor who put me on a combination of antibiotics.After a month my leg was still swollen and the wound had become larger and refused to heal. As an artist, I was having difficulty standing at my easel to paint because of the pain and burning I was experiencing in my leg. My doctor suspected that my infection was being caused by highly antibiotic resistant bacteria called MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). A friend suggested that I try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) along with the antibiotics I was still taking. After only a few treatments, the remaining infection cleared, the wound healed and the swelling from the inflammation went away. My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of the benefits of HBOT earlier in my ordeal.*

Cheryl E.

Beaufort, SC

My doctor told me the very exercise and active lifestyle I was leading in order to stay healthy, caused me to have a condition known as “overuse injury”, and as the name implies is a result of joint overuse. I began taking prescription anti-inflammatory medication, but if I missed a dose, the pain was back. I could no longer complete my workouts and my lifestyle became compromised.

I decided to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for its anti-inflammatory benefits. My results were significant. After 17 treatments, I became pain free, no longer use the medication and am back to leading an active lifestyle with family, work and returned to my previous exercise workouts.*

Tom C.

Bluffton, SC

It took me by surprise. The painful spider bite on my upper arm was rapidly worsening and the wound was growing larger. My doctor told me that the Brown Recluse Spider bite I had was further being complicated because of my diabetes. Suffering daily with tenderness and pulsating pain, I was unable to do household chores and night time pain interrupted my sleep. Before resorting to a skin graft, my surgeon suggested I try HBOT. My family and I watched with our own eyes as each successive treatment aided my wound closing and finally healing. An even bigger surprise was the improvement I had with problems relating to a stroke I suffered in 2004. I can now walk much farther, keep my balance, speak more clearly. Thank you to Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry - I am so grateful! *

Elaine D.

Bluffton, SC

While lifting weights at a local gym, I suffered an injury to the discs in my back. My pain worsened and I sought treatment from my orthopedist who recommended surgical repair. After surgery, I began HBOT treatments immediately. My surgeon and his staff were extremely pleased and impressed with my accelerated healing and the positive impact HBOT made on my post surgical recovery.*

Andrew C.

Hilton Head Island, SC

For the past eight years I have suffered with painful bursitis of the hips. I had exhausted the list of remedies – anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone shots, ice and heating pads. Nothing seemed to offer me complete relief.
Being an avid NBA basketball fan, I noted that Dirk Nowitski, of the Dallas Mavericks, suffered a serious ankle sprain and returned to play two nights later. The television announcer, in describing his treatment, extolled the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as the reason for reducing the inflammation in Dirk’s ankle and his rapid return to the court. It dawned on me that the pain of bursitis was essentially also caused by inflammation and that I, too, might find benefit from giving HBOT a try.
After each session in the hyperbaric chamber, my condition improved and I no longer suffer with unmanageable pain. I began sleeping better, as well. Shortly before I started treatment, I had also had a number of sun lesions treated on my hands which caused them to be so red and thin looking. The chamber reduced the redness and made my hands feel and look so much better.
In the future, if I need to have any type of surgery, I most definitely will have Hyperbaric Therapy USA assist in the healing. I am totally convinced of the benefits of this therapy.*

Barbara R.

Hilton Head Island, SC

My daughter, Taylor spent the summer being a mother’s helper to a family whose autistic children require daily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After checking with the doctor (to clear her medically first), part of Taylor’s job was to accompany the children as a dive partner into the chamber for their treatments. I soon began to realize that she too was beginning to reap the benefits of HBOT.

Taylor was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder five years ago and although she had been treated with medication, school work and reading continued to be a challenge for her. After about 20 dives, I noticed a considerable change in Taylor’s ability to concentrate. She began a summer reading assignment and was able to stay focused on eight chapters over the span of two days. Taylor’s sense of accomplishment was monumental. Who would have thought that a summer job could have led to improvement in my daughter’s own condition? I am truly convinced of the effect that HBOT had on Taylor.

Thank you!*

Michele C. (Taylor's mom)

Bluffton, SC

Standing for long periods of time without moving, during my long career as a retail pharmacist, resulted in an unfortunate consequence for me – insufficient blood circulation in my lower extremities. For many years I have been treated for hypertension and poor peripheral circulation and even with medication and the use of support stockings, I experienced tired legs and my condition did not improve. I decided to give Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy a try.

My results were dramatic. I refer to it as “synergism” or “one plus one equals three”. The addition of HBOT to my treatment protocol, along with my usual medications, helped to decrease my blood pressure and my tired legs felt rejuvenated. Overall, my feelings of general well-being were greatly improved and I am able to enjoy golf again. The addition of HBOT to my treatment regime added up to a correct answer to my problems.*

Richard D.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Sixteen months into her young life, Emily was failing to thrive and was diagnosed with autism. Under the care of nationally recognized D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now) physician, Dr. Dan Rossignol, it was recommended that Emily immediately start a multi-pronged biomedical treatment plan to combat the condition. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was part of the plan and at 17 months of age she began her treatments. Emily’s family was committed to her therapies. The progress that Emily has made over the past year overcoming the many symptoms that accompany Autism and her return to normal developmental levels has delighted her family and has been an amazing story to see.*

Eileen (Emily's mom)

Hilton Head Island, SC

The news was bad. My orthopedist reported the ankle sprain that I suffered during my school basketball game was the most serious of its kind – a Grade III, requiring immobilization in a hard cast and possibly months to heal before returning to sports. Understanding the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and knowing that high profile, professional athletes have used it to accelerate recovery, my dad, immediately contacted Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry and within 24 hours of my injury, I started HBOT. My pain was quickly gone and the swelling was dramatically decreased. Under the care of a physical therapist, I soon progressed to a walking boot and was able to shed it in one third of the projected time. By the end of week three, after a series of 15 HBO treatments, I was solidly into recovery and was able to press forward with rehab by running on the treadmill. In a little over four weeks, I was cleared to return to the court.*

Peter S.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Symptomatic since age 3, my daughter, Contessa, was finally given a diagnosis at age 10 after many frustrating years. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an auto-immune disorder causing plaques or lesions to form in her nervous system, was to blame. She was placed under the care of a neurologist and conventional treatment was started.

My husband and I researched the Internet for all available and cutting edge treatments currently used worldwide in the combat of MS. We found many people using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with reports of positive results.

We started HBOT in September of 2007 and Contessa has been free of relapses for the past 18 months.We soon noticed improvements in her skin tone, ability to concentrate on school work and decrease in mood swings.

Great news came with her latest MRI results that showed no new lesions and significant healing of some previous lesions.

Contessa has found increased stamina from her HBO treatments, now actively participating in Girl Scout activities and Heroes on Horseback.*

Deiha (Tessa's mom)

Hilton Head Island, SC

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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