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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a prescribed, treatment that delivers 100%, medical grade oxygen to a person within a pressurized chamber. Each treatment is referred to as a "dive."

The manipulation of oxygen with pressure is the science behind the treatment's effectiveness. While inside the hyperbaric chamber, an up to 15-fold increase of available O2 is created inside a person's body. Simply by breathing normally during treatment, all changes take place on the cellular level.

Outside hyperbaric conditions, only red blood cells have the ability to carry oxygen. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxygen molecules become more easily dissolved and cross over into all body fluids. Plasma, lymph, interstitial (fluid between cells), synovial and cerebrospinal fluids become new vehicles of O2 transport. Areas of the body and organs which may be restricted to blood flow due to injury, disease or inflammation, are able to receive oxygen during HBOT and healing processes are initiated.

The resulting increased oxygen levels promote the growth of new bone, blood vessels and tissue. HBOT also aids the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria and remove toxins, initiating an improved immunologic response. (Click here to read more benefits about HBOT).

HBOT is a drug-free and non-invasive treatment.

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