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HBOT being used by doctors to treat COVID-19 "Long Haul" Patients

                              Doctors have coined the term, COVID-19 'Long Haulers,' to describe patients who have been sickened by the Coronavirus and who...

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New Evidence for the Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after Cancer Treatments

Radiation therapy is commonly prescribed by doctors for patients with cancers occuring in the pelvic region (such as prostrate, colon and gynecologic cancers - to name a few.)  For some people, the unfortunate side effect of x-ray...

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New clinical study verifies HBOT's role in accelerated healing for sports related injuries and return to play

Good news for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike.  A recently published clinical study in the journal, BioMed Research International, described 41 recruited athletes who had sustained exercise related muscular injures.  Athletes were divided...

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