HBOT being used by doctors to treat COVID-19 "Long Haul" Patients




Doctors have coined the term, COVID-19 'Long Haulers,' to describe patients who have been sickened by the Coronavirus and who despite recovering from the infection, contiue to experience debilitating symptoms.  (Go to:  CDC:  Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 to read more.)  Many complain of ongoing fatigue, chest pain, dizziness and brain fog well after initial illness has passed.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being used as a post-Covid-19 therapy as 100% oxygen under pressure is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body.  Patients report a decrease in fatigue and better brain function, incluing restored sleep patterns after undergoing a series of HBOT treatments.  A recent news story appeared on ABC news affiliate WDAY (photo credit/Andrew Nelson) in Fargo, North Dakota:  Local Covid-19 Long Hauler Turns to Hyperbaric Treatments.