HBOT Used in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy



Many individuals suffer from chronic pain in their lower extremities.  Burning and stabbing sensations are medically labeled "neuropathy." Neuropathy can be triggered and caused by a variety of underlying problems or disease.  It is important to seek medical diagnosis if you are suffering from such symptoms.  Treatment options have historically been limited.  However, doctors have recently been adding hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treatment protocols for their patients who suffer with the syndrome.  Response rates have been impressive.  Our Hilton Head hyperbaric oxygen therapy center has seen results firsthand of those who have received HBOT for peripheral neuropathy.  Recently published medical research affirms.  To read more: Advances in the treatment of neuropathic pain with hyperbaric oxygen and Hyperbaric oxygen relieves neuropathic pain through AKT/TSC2/mTOR pathway activity to induce autophagy