Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits Those About to Undergo Heart Procedures

                                  (Image: McCleod Health)
Doctors have long known the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy's ability to accelerate healing, initiate cell formation and to interrupt inflammtion pathways on the molecular level.  New research brings forth better understanding and rationale in applying HBOT to previously unknown condtions and situations.  

A recent article, citing 17 international research studies spanning the years 1997-2019, drew argument for the use of HBOT for patients preparing to undergo heart procedures.  Published in Wound Reference  and authored by Eugene R. Worth, MD, a board certified anesthesiologist, specializing in cardiac and vascular anesthesia and hyperbaric medicine, Dr. Worth made strong testimony for his theory.   

Dr. Worth's personal experience as a hyperbaric physician and his analysis of research results from the last 22 years concluded that treating patients with HBOT shortly before their planned cardiac procedures (angioplasty and/or cardiac bypass surgery) would result in better outcome.  HBOT's ability to stimulate beneficial cellular mechanisms, as well as its ability to inhibit certain detrimental cellular processes - commonly occurring during and after heart procedures - combines to create "cardioprotection" for the patient.

To emphasize his opinion, Dr. Worth goes on to say, if he was ever scheduled to have angioplasty/stenting or a cardiac bypass procedure - he would,"DEFINITELY approach the hyperbaric physician and cardiologist" to request HBOT pre-conditioning for himself. Pretty strong testimony and a good example of the old saying, "What is good enough for the goose is also good for the gander!"  Dr. Worth is an outspoken proponent for change in the UHMS (Underwater Hyperbaric Medical Society.) He proposes the approval and adaptation to include HBOT before any cardiac procedure as a "standard of care" treatment . 

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