Inflammatory Bowel Disease Successfully Treated with HBOT



The power of HBOT is in the pressure. When 100% oxygen is pressurized inside the hyperbaric chamber - it can be delivered to the body at levels up to 1,200% greater.  Oxygen is able to reach areas that have been hindered by injury or illness - as in cases of IBD (irritable bowel syndrome) and Crohn's disease.  HBOT's ability to decrease inflammatory processes, stimulate healing of tissue and render the formation of new blood vessels work in triplicate to give people suffering from such conditions return to health and improvement in quality of life. Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcontry has helped many such patients who have undergone HBOT at our Hilton Head hyperbaric facility. Recently published scientific research supports HBOT's success.  To read more:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease:  A systemic review and meta-analysis.