Professional Race Car Driver Used Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Recover from Crash Injuries

Professional  race car driver, Tiago Monteiro, recently made headlines for a notable comeback win at the World Touring Cup Race after a two year absence.  Headlines also noted publicly shared details of a long recovery from his devastating 2017 crash.  Monteiro credited his recovery from serious brain and neck trauma, in part, to the 60 hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy he received "breathing pure oxygen to regenerate cells."  Mr. Monteiro's recovery, which included four weeks of being hospitalized in intensive care, has been touted as miraculous by many including his racing peers and medical professionals. To read more:  Tiago Monteiro's Long Road to Recovery (article from The Nationalist) and Tiao Monteiro's Comeback Win from Near-Death was One of Motorsport's Greatest Moments Photo credit ParaEles Photo credit ParaEles[/caption]