Scientists Discover HBOT Can Slow Down Cellular Aging Process


Science has long been in the race to identify key factors in the human aging process and to reverse its course.  We ask...why do some people seem to look and feel younger than they are and appear to age differently?  Medical research points to something called - telomere shortening.  So what are telomeres?  They are repeating nucleotide segments found at the end of each chromosome in your body.  Visualize plastic end caps that protect shoe laces from fraying/wear and tear.  This imagery well describes a telomere and the vital role it plays for chromosomes.  With age, our telomeres become shorter and shorter, eventually no longer able to protect our chromosomes.  Without the solid covering of the telomere, the chromosome can no longer perform normally and dies off. Thus, the aging process begins.   

 So how does hyperbaric oxygen therapy come into play?

Researchers in Israel recently published a study that was conducted on healthy aging adults whose cells were analyzed before and after undergoing a series of HBOT.  They found that HBOT was able to reverse two major processes assoiated with aging:  the shortening of telomeres and the accumulation of old and malfunctioing cells in the body (senescent cells.)  To read more about the groundbreaking research go to:

Scientists Successfully Reverse Human Aging Process in Breakthrough Study

To read the research published in the journal, Aging 2020, Vol 12, No. 22Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and decreases immunoenescence in isolated blood cells:  a prospective trial