Study from NYU Hospital Shows Promise for a New Use of HBOT

CBS New York recently aired a health segment "Max Minute" with Dr. Max Gomez, reporting on a completed ramdomized study conducted by doctors at NYU Winthrop Hospital utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for acutely ill patients suffering from COVID-19.  Patients were administered five HBOT sessions. Doctors observed a positive clinical response in all those treated and reported that the patients were subsequently able to avoid having to be put on ventilators.  Although promising results for a new arena of use for HBOT, doctors caution that the randomised study was small and that much more information and study is needed to learn about the virus.  To read more:  Max Minute: New Study From NYU Winthrop Hospital Suggests Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Could Be Alternative To Ventilator In Treating COVID-19

Click here to view CBS News video clip:  Max Minute: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment May Offer Less Invasive Alternative To Ventilators For COVID