U.S. Army Brigadier General Credits Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Recovery Following TBI

U.S. Army Brigadier General Patt Maney was suffering with lingering and debilitating symptoms of post concussion syndrome after being injured in an IED explosion during his tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Despite his doctors' reassurances (treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center) that his symptoms would gradually subside over time, Maney continued to suffer for 15 unrelenting months.  The general was encouraged to undergo HBOT and gives credit to the therapy for his recovery, enabling him to return to the bench and serve as a judge in Ocaloosa County, Florida.  ABC News affiliate out of Cincinnati, Ohio recently reported on General Maney's hyperbaric therapy journey to recovery along with U.S. Marine Sergeant Major Simon LeMay's HBOT success story.  Click on:  Spotlight on America:  Dying for a Cure.